Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ah yes... time for an update!

Here are some French/English blogs that should probably be added to the reading list - I keep on rediscovering them every so often, and they provide a local (for me)/French (for everyone) discussion of a variety of tools, techniques and issues. Though the discussion happens to be predominantly in French, the topic is not solely related to the French milieu. For lively discussion of a timely and thought-provoking nature, these are some great starting points. Nice to have a counterpoint to my predominantly English reading repetoire.

Mario Tout de Go
Mario Asselin, Coach Scolaire et Catalyseur de communautes d'apprentissage (Quebec, Canada)

Francois Guite, edublogger (Quebec, Canada)

Which brings me to the English links!

Dangerously Irrelevant
Scott Mcleod, "Ruminations on technology, leadership, and the future of our schools" (Quote from Gwynne Dwyer) (US)

The Fisch Bowl
Karl Fisch, "A staff development blog... teachers exploring Constructivism and 21st Century learning skills." (US)

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Scott said...

Thanks for the link. FYI, my name is not Gwynne. The quote in the top right corner is just to explain the name of my blog. Sorry for the confusion!

Scott McLeod